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50th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

Posted On September 30, 2018 at 5:53 pm by / No Comments

Another milestone reached, his or her 50th birthday! He/she is now officially half a century old, and it’s a perfect time to poke some fun at them with some 50th Birthday gag gift ideas!  Hopefully, their sense of humor is good because they know you are going to take some fun jabs at them for turning half a century old!

Here are some funny 50th birthday gag gift ideas that should get the laughs and humor going for him or her!!

50th Mugs/Cups!!

There are plenty of funny mugs that highlight 50-years-old such as “I’m turning 50, let’s party! (and by “party” I mean watch TV and take a nap)” or any “vintage” related messages would be perfect.

Hair Related Gag Gifts

Are they balding? Get them a Donald Trump hairpiece/wig! Or get them a hat/visor that has fake hair flowing out.

Or maybe they’re getting more grey hairs? Get them some fun, bright colored hair dye.

Whatever hair related gag gift you chose, make sure they’re not self-conscience about losing hair first!

Bathroom Humour

We already mentioned adult diapers so why not continue with the bathroom humour? Items that highlight they’re an “old fart” whether it’s a shirt, an Old Fart Fan or gag pills would be hilarious!

Now if you want an actual bathroom gag gift they can enjoy, get them a Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game so they can enjoy their time on the toilet and prepare for the early retirement of playing golf!

50th Birthday For Him

Are they single and living that bachelor life at 50? Get them an Inflatable Wife or Girlfriend Blow Up so they’ll never be alone again.

If you that will not work, you can always get them an Official Boob Inspector Badge because let’s face it; they’re probably going to be checking them out regardless of how old they are.

Although 50 isn’t old, the point of getting them a gag gift is to emphasize that they’re a lot older than what they are. Just make sure he has a sense of humour and can handle these jokes because you don’t want them flipping out instead of enjoying a good laugh.

50th Birthday For Her

So what do we buy for that elegant Lady who has reached the good old age of 50? Why not make her laugh with a humurous present and forget the seriousness of age or numbers!!

Take a look at these ideas and put a smile on her face at this great age.

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